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Let's go to the beach!

In case you are wondering if Spetses have beaches and in fact good ones, then I can tell you for sure that of course they have and they are waiting for you to discover them.

If you want something very organized and close to the city then the options are clear! St. Marina, Kaiki Beach and Vrelos are waiting for you to visit. Fully organized with beach bars and restaurants are able to satisfy all your needs. Close to the port of Dapia and easily accessible by any kind of transport (book with #allaroundspetses) these beaches are ideal in case you want to enjoy your swim listening to loud music and drinking cocktails, or to take a quick dip before your ship leaves.

Kaiki Beach

On the other hand, if you want to go for a quiet quality swimming away from the noise of the city, then you should head to the back side of the island. The options are many with one being better than the other. Clear waters, pines, pebbles, or sand, organized or not, the beaches at the back side of the island will compensate you and will answer to the question about whether Spetses have beaches.

Starting from Xylokeriza beach with the small pebbly beach and its canteen, we head to the full of pine trees Agioi Anargyroi, the largest beach on the island, organized with easily accessible either by bus, boat or any kind of transport you wish. Arriving there, do not forget to visit the cave of Bekiris or "Cave of Love", as it is also known, it will surely enchant you. Continuing the route smaller but equally beautiful and drowned in the pines is Agia Paraskevi, partially organized gives you the opportunity to either sit on the sunbeds or spread your towel under the pines.

Ag. Paraskevi Beach

For the end we left Zogeria beach. A pine-covered bay where the pines literally reach the sea. Accessible mainly from the sea as the dirt road makes access from the land a little difficult, Zogeria has an organized beach and a small tavern that is worth trying its cooked food. In case of course you want something disorganized, small blue creeks will enchant you. Do not forget also that the perimeter of the island has many steep and disorganized beaches and bays that are either visible from the road or are accessible only by sea.

Zogeria Bay

We hope you got a little taste of what you will encounter, and it is certain that a test will convince you. Do not hesitate to contact us either to make your transfer easier or to consult you.


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