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Dapia port – the first contact

The first contact with the island starts from your disembarkation at the port of Dapia. Meeting place of lords and captains in the era of 1821 where the old cannon is still preserved. Strolling around Dapia you will admire picturesque alleys with traditional pebble courtyards and streets, while the beautiful balconies and the colorful flowery gardens will surely pique your interest.

At the end of this route stands out the historical and emblematic hotel Poseidonion, which was built in 1914 by the benefactor of the island Sotirios Anargyros. Its rare architecture as well as its exquisite interior decoration make it even today a pole of attraction and admiration. A cocktail or a dinner on the terrace of this legendary hotel will surely convince you.

In front of Poseidonion hotel dominates the statue of the heroine of the revolution Laskarina Bouboulina, whose mansion is worth visiting since it also functions as a Museum, in Pefkakia Square. The magnificent carved ceiling in the large hall stands out, while it hosts personal items and historical relics, associated with her action.

Then head to the neoclassical mansion of the benefactor of Spetses, Sotirios Anargyros, built in the 18th century and remains since today one of the most impressive mansions on the island.

Also, it is worth making a stop at the mansion of Hatzigiannis Mexis, the first governor of the island, which today functions as a museum close to Dapia. You will see objects that represent the cultural history of the island, including important relics of the Revolution of 1821.

Finally, do not forget before leaving the island to try the local almonds that you will find in all the patisseries of the island!

Dapia Spetses


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