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Stroll around the old port

After finishing your walk in Dapia, head to the Old Port of the Island (Baltiza). Following the coastal road, you will be impressed by the old captains' houses with the high walls and the beautiful balconies that frame the whole route. Old and new mansions retain the island color and the architectural tradition.

As you walk higher on your right hand, the church of Agios Nikolaos dominates with the emblematic bell tower, where the flag of the revolution was raised.

Further down you reach the heart of the Old Port, where you will discover many gastronomic options for food and good wine by the sea, while as the night goes on the nightlife of the island with bars and clubs takes over.

Spetses old port

Did you know that Spetses was one of the first shipbuilding centers in Greece?

Strolling around Old Port you admire all these traditional shipyards of the island where until today the traditional shipbuilding techniques are used, giving life to new hulls.

Finish your walk by reaching the lighthouse of the island, where you can walk among the pines and admire the unique sculptures of the famous sculptor Natalia Mela.

Spetses old port


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